Top 5 things NOT to worry about with your FairerPPI claim


We know from talking to our clients, that many people have put off looking into PPI for one of the following reasons:

1. No paperwork

This is not a problem in reality. You don’t need any. If you have some it may speed things up sometimes. If we find PPI, paperwork can sometimes help answer a question, but the reality is that most people don’t have any paperwork at all and it is simply not a problem.

2. Not sure if they had PPI

Most people are in the same boat.  If you’re not sure, we’ll find out.  If it turns out you didn’t have PPI, we’ll let you know and it’s not a problem – that’s what we do.  We don’t expect everyone who asks for our help to have had PPI and not all complaints will be successful.  Either way, we do the work, you get peace of mind that you’ve taken care of it before the deadline.  For clients who have successful claims, average amount we’ve won them has been £2,500 – for each case.  The amounts can vary a lot around that, but surely it’s got to be worth checking?

3. Don’t know how it works

It’s simpler than you may think. You don’t need to know a lot about it because the beauty is we’ll just start with the names of any companies where you think you may have had credit. We’ll sort it all out from there and just ask you things if necessary – and we’ll explain everything.  You can find a lot of info here if you prefer to read for yourself – PPI guides (and answers to questions).

4. Scams and high fees.

There’s no up front fee.  We’re regulated, have a good reputation and good reviews. We’ve also always had a very competitive fee and always been very clear about it (it’s in big numbers on our web-site (15%+VAT (18% in total)).

5. Being pestered

If you ask for a claims pack, we won’t pester you – no calls, texts or anything else. If you decide to go with another company or claim yourself – that’s no problem. If you decide to go ahead, we just use your information to check your PPI. We won’t use it for anything else or let anyone else do that either.

Give us a call or drop us a line if you have any other questions or concerns – you’ll find us friendly and helpful with no hard sell.  If you’re trying to decide between claiming yourself or using a company, we’ll give you honest advice about that as well – no really!  It’s in the name, see – FairerPPI.  We want our clients to be happy and there are plenty of people who decide for the right reasons to use us – we don’t want or need to trick anyone.

If you’ve been putting it off for any reason, act now by claiming for yourself, or asking for help from us or another company before the deadline (August 2019) comes round – it’s always quicker than you think.  Who knows what will be keeping you busy then at just the wrong time?  Once it’s gone it’s gone.