Your PPI questions answered in 90 seconds

We’ve put together a quick video which answers the most common PPI questions we hear.  There’s just a year to go before the deadline for re-claiming PPI.  We think that anyone who has not claimed so far may have PPI questions and be worried about things which are really not an issue.  This is based on the PPI questions we are often asked. We hope that in about 90 seconds we can put people’s minds at ease on most things.  If you like the video please consider sharing with your friends.  We don’t really mind if people come to us, claim themselves or even use a competitor – the common enemy here is the scandal that was PPI and how it was sold!  We don’t try to cover every detail, but we have lots of other information in our PPI Guides section.

We address these questions in the video…

  • Did I have PPI?
  • When did PPI start?
  • How far back can you check?
  • Do I need paperwork?
  • How much could I get back?
  • Will I need to fill in loads of forms?

The answers to these PPI questions are simpler than many people think and should not put anyone off claiming back their PPI.