PPI DEADLINE: It’s closer than you think (hint it’s not August)

Think the PPI claims deadline is August 2019? Think again. That’s the deadline for getting a complaint into the company you want to complain about.

But there’s work to be done before that, so you have less time than you may think.

If you’re thinking of using a PPI claims company, you’ll need to get a pack in the post. But what about all those Facebook ads about filling in your date of birth, postcode or whatever online to chedck PPI? Er – they’re lying. There’s a lot of misleading rubbish out there sadly. That “Angie” giving advice? It’s a made up person using a photo of a model.

ALL companies have to send you a pack in the post because the banks will require your signature on a bit of paper to say the claims company has your permission.

There could be delays if there are any paperwork issues or a need to chedck things like addresses and changes of name. Even there are non of these things, the searches take a little while and it sometimes more than one go.

Then you or we need to write the complaint – many people think you just “reclaim” PPI. That’s wrong as well. It’s a complaint and you have to say what you’re complaining about (which of course we’ll help you understand).

So – whether you want to do it yourself or use a claims management company, don’t delay. It can take longer than you think and the deadline is for submitting the actual complaint. Don’t miss out and please spread the word as you friends think they have more time than they do. Why not get it done before the weather gets good and there are far better things to do?

Just fill in the form to the right if you’d like a claims pack – there’s no obligation and we don’t pester.