The PPI deadline is just a year away – will you miss out?

Update July 2019 – WE WILL STOP ISSUING CLAIMS PACKS AT THE END OF JULY 2019. time’s flying by and there’s now only just over a mon month left to the deadline, but as we explain in our most recent post, it’s less than that. It’s important to understand that the clock below shows when your complaints have to be submitted.

The PPI deadline for claims is now just a year away.  Sounds like ages right?  The real question should be “what’s stopped you so far?”.  Most of us will have found that dates creep up on us much faster than we think.  Sorting out your PPI claim might seem like a headache and something you’ll “get round to later”.  But that PPI deadline will come round faster than you think.

The truth is, it’s far easier than you think – you’ll be amazed how quickly and simply you get it done if you use a claims management company.  We say this from having helped many many people over the years.

People often have the same concerns or questions, but we can safely say that you don’t need to let anything put you off.  We’d love it if you came to us. Even if you want to use another company, we’d rather that than you miss out by falling foul of the PPI deadline.

It’s a bit more work if you want to do it yourself, but even then it doesn’t get any easier by putting it off.

If you want some help, get in touch or have a look at our 90 second video which answers the most common questions.  You’ll find that on our homepage or here.

We still get people asking us about endowment mortgages.  That the deadline passed many years ago.  Don’t look back in September next year after the PPI deadline and kick yourself that you could have easily taken care of this.

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