No cold calls – why does it matter?

Spam text

No cold calls.

Why should having no cold calls matter to you?  Well, the companies responsible have to pay for all those cold calls, spam texts and emails.  They then have to charge you higher fees.  In fact their fees are often much higher.  We charge 15% + VAT (18% total), but it’s much more common to find fees of 30%, 36%, or even almost 40% incl. VAT buried away in terms and conditions.

That makes a BIG difference to what you might get back.

We also think that it’s just plain wrong for companies to use automated calling to blast out calls to all of us about PPI.  It’s intrusive and annoying (never mind against all sorts of regulations).  We find it unforgivable that companies blatantly ignore the government’s rules which are there to protect consumers and encourage responsible behaviour.

It’s actually worse than you might think.

Many of these spam texts and cold calls are often generated by companies which are not the claims management companies themselves.  In fact they are companies who do nothing but get hold of personal details and then blast out calls, emails, and texts – now it’s PPI, but in the past it might have been about getting compensation after an accident.  The claims management companies then pay for referrals from these companies.  In fact, that’s against the regulations too.

Judging by how many calls are received by people who have registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), it’s clear that they are quite willing to flout all standards of decency, good practice and the law to make a quick quid.  You can tell just how downright dodgy these businesses are by pressing 5 when you get one of those automated calls and then playing along for a bit.

If you decide to try, give them some false details and then ask what the name of their company is.  They will quickly become evasive and antsy.  One we tried it with became very aggressive, a second kept telling us that they were the “reclaims department” and a third gave a false name.  If you challenge them, they hang up.

Why don’t the government do something?

A very good question.  Our experience is that even when we report such cases, there seems to be little appetite to pursue them.  We think that’s unacceptable but that’s a subject for another day.  We looked at the case of one person who had over 50,000! complaints for spam texts.  The Information Commissioner issued an enforcement notice banning them from sending any more.  We could not find details of any fine or other punishment however.  Not much of a deterrent.

What can you do?

These practices only continue because some people act on the texts or emails.  If they never did, it would stop overnight because no money would be made from it.

We don’t intend to encourage that.  We’d humbly suggest that you consider whether you want to do business with anyone who does.  That means any claims management company that you get through to after receiving a cold call, spam text or email.

Why should you care?

Think of it like this.  If you make a PPI claim, you will be entrusting a company with a lot of sensitive personal information.  This will include your addresses, details of your finances and so on.  Do you really want to be doing that with a company that is anything other than scrupulous about your privacy, security and the law?